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Which Glass Has More Water?

Take a look at the picture below:

There are 4 glasses of water filled with different objects.

But which one of those glasses contains the most water?

 Try not to peak, as we have put the solution down below.







The water level might be even in all of those glasses but what will happen if you take out the objects one by one? This might help you think about the right answer.

If you are ready to solve the test, take a look at the solution below.







The correct answer is: The most water is in the glass with the paper clip.

When you put an object in water, it will displace the water with the mass of the object.

Hence, the glass that contains the object with the least amount of weight will still have the most water in it.

Even though we might not know the exact weight of all those four objects, we can all agree, that the paper clip weighs the least.

It also takes up the least amount of space.


How Many 7s Are There In The Picture?

If you are proud on your precious eyes, take this test.

All you need to do is count and tell how many 7 do you see?

Carefully look at the image and then give your answer.

Scroll down for the answer.








You have tried already now see the answer and match the sharpness of your brain. The answer will be 7. There are seven ”7” in this puzzle picture. For being clear of your answer you keep your eyes on the picture.



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