When someone loves you, they don’t have to say it.

“Someone who really loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle but still wants you in their life.”

8 Signs He Truly Loves You, Even If He Doesn’t Say It Out Loud

Is it true that love is not what you say, but what you do? Men and women show their affection differently. Most women admit by saying “I love you” to their man, but men seem to be silent on this. Men prefer to express their love through actions. You might think your man is not romantic, but in the real sense, you are everything in his world. I have come up with ways that you can know that your man is in love with you even though he doesn’t say it out loud.

1. He sacrifices for you.

Making sacrifices for someone is not a walk in the park. It’s about being selfless, committed, and above all else, love is the most important thing. Most men make sacrifices that go unnoticed and their love might not appreciate his affection toward her. A man can sacrifice everything to make you happy. Sometimes he can go beyond to make things work out because of how he values you. If your man can sacrifice for you, know that he truly loves you, even if he does not say it.

2. He respects your loved ones.

You know that your man truly loves you when he treats your family and friends with respect. He knows how much they are important to you and therefore he treats them with kindness and dignity. Although he might not really like your nosy cousin, he will keep his opinion for himself and will never pick up a fight with or disrespect them. This man does his best to get on well with your friends and family because he knows that means a lot to you and makes you happy.

3. He listens to you.

It is obvious that women generally listen better than men. Therefore, if your guy listens to you, then you’ll know that he cares for you. He can demonstrate this in small and countless ways. For example, if you usually talk about loving lilies instead of roses and he gives you lilies on your Valentine’s day, it means that he must be remembering something you had talked about. He will do that because he knows your love for them.

4. He shows his vulnerability.

Men do not like to expose their weaknesses. They want to be strong all the time. When a man is really in love with you, he will lower his guard. He will begin to expose his inner feelings to you, even what he considers as a weakness. This shows he trusts you with his secret and personal life than other people.

5. He’s always got your back.

When he is in love with you, he will defend you in all situations, even if he thinks you were the one on the wrong. He will fight your battles and endure the suffering instead of you. He will always be at your back, but you might not have been noticing this. Open your eyes and see the abundant love that he has for you.

6. He loves how you look on your worst days.

The man in love with you will always find you beautiful and sexy. Whether you’re not wearing any make-up, or having an awful hair day, or your shirt is stained, you always look irresistible to him. He likes it and it flatters him when you make an effort to look your best, but you should know that he loves the woman who is beneath all that make-up, fancy hairstyle, and pretty clothes.

7. He accepts you the way you are.

This man loves and cherishes you the way you are. He knows all your quirks, annoying habits, and insecurities, but he never criticizes you or makes you feel unimportant. He knows they make the person you are – the person that means the world to him. This man makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and reminds you of your worth.

8. He is proud of you.

He is proud of everything you are and everything you do. He knows how hard you work to achieve the things you want in life. He is proud of all your successes, whether they’re related to your career or personal life. He is fascinated by your energy and determination to always work on yourself and create a better life for yourself. And by bettering yourself, you inspire him to believe in himself, pursue his goals and passions, and achieve success in all aspects of life.

This is how the man who is truly and madly in love with you shows his love for you.

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