What Is The Longest Rope? The Answer Defines You

This is a simple test in which you must choose the string you think is longer.

Guide yourself by the one that caught your attention in the first place, without reasoning so much.

The difference between them is not that high, but what does your instinct tell you? Depending on what you answer, a part of your interior that reflects your gifts will be portrayed.

Rope A

Once you have chosen the first rope, you have every chance to excel in creative and technical areas such as architecture or modern technologies. You have a real talent for perceiving reality, its forms and surrounding spaces. You may think “out of the box”, gain different perspectives and perspectives from those of the rest of the population. Through this creativity, you understand the dimension in which you move and generate original and transgressive ideas.

Rope B

If you chose the second segment of the drawing, you are a thinking machine. You try to apply logic in all situations in which you find yourself and often find the most practical and effective solution in a short time. You know that the universe around you is composed of numbers and you think that decryption is a simple task that makes your life happier. You could distinguish yourself as a scientist, because the feeling that everything works well calms you down.

Skepticism about esoteric fields and events that have not yet been tested. However, this should not be so strict about your life, as the feelings and behaviors of most people do not necessarily apply to marked patterns. Relax and try to enjoy life more without asking any questions. Let yourself go and do what your heart identifies you, even if you are against the “numbers”.

Rope C

If you are one of those who saw the third string as the longest, you could be a prominent writer or teacher who moves consciousness. You have an innate talent for conveying ideas and communicating, listening and learning from others. A great oratory with which you can do good and bad. The potential of your words is very high. Do not waste them or use them without being careful.

You master the lexicon masterfully and the expression of your emotions can convey important values ​​or hurt others depending on how you control and channel them. Your close friends know this and usually ask for advice because you can read “between the lines”. Psychology, spirituality in general and art are other areas in which you could be very successful. Remember that you have a “weapon” that helps you get to know yourself better and change the things you do not like in your life.

Rope D

The last possible option shows that you are excellent in terms of commercial or government mandates. You can put a lot of pressure on it, because if you trust your opinions and ideas, there is no one to make you change or withdraw. It is not necessarily obstinacy, and it defines you as an independent being in his own way.

On the other hand, you can know the true self of people who enter your life in a short time. A valuable feature that lets you know who to trust. Then you surround yourself with extraordinary people, with whom you can continue to grow and can not stop living completely. Follow your intuition and dare to realize your dreams.



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