Very few people can solve this math problem without using a calculator

Can you solve this equation – without a calculator?

Classic brain training methods are perhaps puzzles like crosswords or sudoku, but in recent times I have become more and more attracted to the type of challenge you’ll see below.

These types of puzzles have been flooding the web lately, probably because they are really fun!

These are old classic mathematical problems. When you were in middle or high school.

These tests are more fun when you find yourself trying to remember the math you learned as a child.

Okay, now to the challenge.

Below is a tricky equation. Can you solve it without using a calculator?

What do you think the right answer is?

Did you find the correct answer?

Make sure you started from the right place – just solving straight from left to right can easily mess you up.







Below we will present the correct answer.

But first, take another look!

In short, the correct answer is 7.

Here comes the second math test!

Either you can have your revanche, or you can keep the momentum and solve both problems!

Will you be able to figure out the answer?






To help you along, we’ve provided 3 solutions.

We can already reveal that “C: Something else” can be discarded.

So either 24 or 154 is correct. But which one?

2 × 5 + 3 + 1 × 11

If you remember, multiplication is always done before addition. Therefore:

10 + 3 + 11

There we go!

The solution is 24.

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