These Zodiac Signs Just Can’t Let Go Of The Past

Your Zodiac sign can reveal many mysteries about your subconscious mind and your personality. One thing your Zodiac sign can reveal to you is whether or not you’ve been living in the past. Some Zodiac signs have a really difficult time letting things go and your sign might be one of them. Does your Zodiac sign say that you’re living in the past or that you have a hard time letting things go?


You are a complex person who does his best to look forward to the future. You are not ashamed of your past. But you do not want to experience it again. Instead of dealing with your own previous problems, you are more likely to focus on other problems or the problems of others. You spend your time planning for the future instead of reliving the past.


You have difficulties with the victim mentality. Often, when you have committed something wrong in the past, you really feel that you have been excused, or at least that you have been a victim. They have difficulties with people who did not consider that the problems were important in the past and many people were told they were “recovering”.


You want to be challenged by your past and do not go back to what happened in previous years. You have accepted your past as a rocky path rather than in life, and you know that when you cross your past, you can cross everything. You will not be stopped by the mistakes of the past, you will recognize them proudly.


Sometimes you have problems with past topics that torment you nowadays. You may also raise issues that are not relevant and cause only problems. You feel as if people do not understand why you are having problems and you feel that you have grown considerably thinking about the past. They often think that you think about the problems of the past and do not know if these problems persist. Do not forget to learn from the past and then let yourself go.


They see every mistake of the past as a learning experience rather than something else. They focus on what lies ahead, not on the problems of the past. From time to time, you experience past experiences to remember the struggles that shaped you as a person.


They fight the guilt of the past for all those who could have hurt you in the past. They often think of the past and what they could have done to make it less harmful. They have been accused of living in the past because other people are constantly living through scenarios and problems of the past.


You are guilty of changing the story or remembering an event or question exactly the way you want it, rather than the way it happened. You do not want to remember past events that hurt you the most, but block them as if they had never happened before.


They tend to treat problems that you have not completely healed yet. You have trouble repeating scenarios that sometimes require you to rethink the past. The best way to defeat the past is to use every mistake of the past that you still use and use it as an example of learning for yourself.


It is difficult for you to express your feelings and emotions as this happens. So you are often in the grip of anger and guilt that you could never express. This excess baggage can sometimes haunt you in the worst of ways, and you can immediately start with little things of the past.


With real excuses, it’s hard for you. In the past, you often felt that your excuses were forced and you apologized, but you are not really above the situation. You are known to have a grudge and you have trouble restoring the relationships of the past, no matter how long you live.


You have a strong and encouraging attitude to the past that motivates you to be strong for the future. You want the past to be the past and you can continue on anything that has ever been in the past. You have no grudge, you continue with the certainty of having a solid future in front of you and those who want to prevent that will stay where they are: the past.


They have a carefree attitude towards the past and the future. They enter life and think that the future can not be worse than the past. You are always on your feet and because of your past, you are ready for anything that bothers you.


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