The Shape of Your Hands Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

Here, we have the 5 type of hands and we describe what primary traits they describe. Pick yours.

1. Earth Hand

The inhabitants of the earth have thick palms and fingers. The base of the thumb is thick and fleshy. They have thick or thick wrists to support their palms, and their skin may be rougher than others.

The humans of the earth are by nature modest, modest and down to earth. They are deeply connected to their roots and whatever their quality of life, they never forget where they come from. They are very diligent, polite and warm people who like to hang out with others. They are happy, happy and pleasant to meet.

We also know that humans in the hands of the earth fall easily in love. They are the kind of people who can think with the heart and be very emotional. They are the ones who love unconditionally and generally try to serve others. When humility defines the kind of people they are, altruism is their way of acting.

2. Fire Hand

People with burning hands have long palms and their fingers extend the length of their hands. Nails can be sharp, but their ankles are not well defined.

People in the hands of fire are very motivated, ambitious and think fast. They are always attentive to their environment because their thoughts are constantly working. They are usually very energetic and their energy can be contagious. In addition, they know very well what they want and what they do not want in their life, which makes them really clear in their thoughts.

They make quick decisions because they have great self-confidence, but that does not mean they are in a hurry. Your decisions are generally well thought out and focused. It also means that they fall in love selectively and have very few people in their lives because they do not like to waste time and energy on those they do not care about.

3. Water Hand

Humans with hands of water have smooth hands, but fingers can be dumb. The nails are usually long and the ankles are not well defined. The fingers of people with hands of water have a round shape.

People who have water in their hands have a lot of talent and adapt very well to different situations, for example by taking water in the container. They are very attentive and can be diplomats if necessary. They are discreet, contained and also very secretive, which means they can also keep secrets.

People with tearful hands work hard and are thought-oriented, which means they usually do not judge and do not accept others. They are the kind of people who would accept imperfections (theirs and those of others) without embarrassment. They appreciate the relationships they have in life and can make an extreme effort to protect what belongs to them. But when it comes to love, they are protective, but never possessive, which is a rare trait.

4. Wood Hand

The wooden hands are long, a little thin and have a striking bone structure. The joints are usually well defined and the thin bones may appear oblong. The functions are extremely clear and clearly visible.

Wood people are usually the creative species. Their mind persists in looking at every detail and they should create aesthetic things. They are very creative and tend to live in their own world and to be happy for themselves. It also means they do not fall in love easily, but when they do, they are extremely attracted.

People with wooden hands are by nature very emotional. Because they are generally creative, their emotions play a very important role in achieving their creativity. They may also be persistent and enthusiastic about their creations, but they are generally friendly, warm and naturally introverted. They do not leave many people in their lives, but those who let them in are very dear to them.

5. Metal Hand

Metal hands usually have nails, palms and square fingers. The palms are soft, fleshy and elastic. They are clearly recognizable by the thick base of the palms and the uniform rectangular extension of the nails.

People with metal hands are highly skilled in leadership, entrepreneurial and logical qualities. They like to discuss and come to a conclusion. They lead by example and have a high degree of equity in their personality. These are usually those who do not interfere with their personal bias in their decisions and who usually remain under pressure.

People with metal hands usually fall in love with the qualities of their partner and are not touched by the superficial things in life. They know what they are made of, what they like and what they do not like, so they have a high degree of self-confidence. They are people who can manage and lead many things at the same time, coaching others rather than trampling on them.



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