Test Your Attentiveness! Can You Spot The Odd Emoji

Look at the picture of emoji carefully. Try to focus and stay attentive to see if you can notice one emoji that look different from the rest. Remember, even the slightest details are important. Let’s see how quickly you can solve it! Note the time it takes you to cope with the task.


So, did you do it? How long did it take for you to identify the odd heart? Share your result in the comments

If you can not find the right answer check bellow:








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There has been a lot of talking about the power of observation. It’s important indeed. Let’s check if you can focus and find the odd letter on this picture.

The task is not easy, only genius can find all of the odds in these pictures. How fast can you find all of them?

1. Can you find the odd one out?

2. Give it a try!

3. The next one



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