Respect is earned, not given.

“We don’t always have to agree with one another, but it’s important that we learn to respect each other.”

1. “Respect should be the first thing you give.” Anonymous

2. “Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given.” Hussein Nishah

3. “Truly powerful women don’t explain why they want respect. They simply don’t engage those who don’t give it to them.” Anonymous

4. “If you want respect, you have to learn to give it too.” Anonymous

5. “Respect starts with yourself.” Anonymous

6. “If people respect you respect them back if they disrespect you respect them back. They represent their ideology you represent yours.” Anonymous

7. “A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect.” Anonymous

8. “One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” Bryant H. Mcgill

9. “You can’t force someone to respect you, but you can refuse to be disrespected.” Anonymous

10. “The respect you show to others (or lack thereof) is an immediate reflection of your own self-respect.” Alex Elle

11. “Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.” Bruce Lee

12. “Don’t waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.” Anonymous

13. “We will not agree with everyone, but we should most definitely respect one another.” Brooke Griffin

14. “A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone.” Billy Graham

15. “Don’t let someone get comfortable with disrespecting you.” Anonymous

16. “Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.” Laurence Sterne

17. “Don’t lower your standards for anyone or anything. Self-respect is everything.” Anonymous

18. “When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect for others.” Dalai Lama

19. “Self-absorbed people only think about what makes them feel good at the moment – they don’t have any respect or regard for anyone else.” Anonymous

20. “Take very little notice of those people who choose to treat you poorly. It is how they are defining their story, not yours.” Lei Wah

21. “Do we not realize that self-respect comes with self-reliance.” Abdul Kalam

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