Pick Your Birth Month To See What You Should Avoid

1. January

Avoid getting into your old routine. This routine can pull you down on hard days. If you avoid falling into your old routine by trying new things (even small things), you can discover more about the good side of life.

2. February

Avoid extremely high expectations. It is always good to have expectations of a person, a job or something important to you, but if you set them very high, it can lead to disappointment. Have faith in what you love, but remember that no one is perfect.

3. March

Avoid old habits. There is always a reason that the past is the past. If you’ve quit smoking, drinking, or any other sort of habit that was difficult to quit, remember how proud you felt when you kicked it! It isn’t worth it to pick up old habits, and the repercussions would be too stressful. You’re on a good path just as you are.

4. April

Avoid negativity. This means avoiding negative people, places where you have had only negative experiences and all that is too painful to handle. It’s not worth getting into a bad relationship just to see what’s going on or to go to a restaurant where you’ve had a bad food just to eat a bad meal. Follow what brings you joy, and joy will follow.

5. May

Avoid letting go of your strength. Say “no” to everyone you use, whether at work, at home or at school. There is no reason to be stressed by someone who needs you too much. You have your own problems to deal with and these issues deserve your attention. Keep your head straight and treat yourself as if you were treating a loved one.

6. June

Avoid passive aggression. Do not fall into the trap of being disturbed or irritated by something or someone without saying something. You have a voice and you should use it. You do not have to face anyone, but it’s time to say what comes to your mind without using too many accusations. You are strong and can do it.

7. July

Avoid all that your gut tells you, it’s a bad idea. If you do not think you should go to a bar, talk to someone about your past who hurt you, or if you start working in a certain way, do not do that! There is a reason why it is called “intuition”, and you know when your feelings deserve it.

8. August

Do not neglect yourself. Take care of yourself as if you could take care of your child or grandchild. Nourish yourself with sustainable meals, take the time to rest and enjoy leisure activities. Let yourself be pampered. Take a long bath or shower. Read the book you have not read yet. Time flies and you win more!

9. September

Avoid procrastination. If something needs to be done, do it. You will feel better when it’s over. Whether it’s for a medical appointment, a professional appointment or just a trip that you postponed, you know that you can relax without having to think about it. Do it and feel free again!

10. October

Avoid the easy road. Make chicken for dinner instead of a bag of potato chips. (We all do it, but we should not!) Say something to your friend or partner, although it is a bit difficult to discuss. Tell your boss that you want to earn the increase you deserve. You know the limit of what you can achieve until you increase this limit. Take the hard way and find out what you are doing, you can do it!

11. November

Avoid the same mistakes. You learned for the first time and now you know better. It is not because something is simple or familiar that it is right. Do not take back the ex who is trying to contact you. Do not get a ticket for parking near the building. If life teaches you, take it to heart and remember that no one is perfect, but you can get close to it!

12. December

Avoid going with the flow. Get the haircut that you have always wanted, but too scared to try. Take another way to work. Get up, go out and do something completely unique. When you change the smallest things, you are stimulated unexpectedly. Do not agree with your friends or colleagues just because that’s what you could do on an ordinary day. Correct the person who misspelled your name. You are valid!



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