Only 5% of people can answer these riddles correctly. Try this!

Only 5% of people can answer these riddles correctly. They will tease your brain to a greater extent than ever before, but they’re incredibly rewarding if you manage to find your way to the right answer, using your Sherlock Holmes-like logic. Are you ready to give it a try?

1. A farmer has 10 rabbits, 20 horses, and 40 pigs. If we assume all of his horses are pigs, how many horses does the farmer have?

2. How many times can you subtract the number 1 from the number 1.111?

3.100 students entered college 55 of them chose music. 44 of them chose sports. 20 of them chose both. How many of them chose neither music nor sports?

4. A tailor has 10 meters of fabric. Every day, he cuts off a 2-meter-long piece. How many days will it take to finish the whole thing?

5. There are five candles in a church. At night, three male thieves and two female thieves appear. Only males carry candles. How many candles are there?

Check the answer below:

1. He will have 20 horses.

Our assumptions can’t change the fact that horses are horses.

2. Only once.

After you do this, you no longer have the number 1.111. You have 1.110, 1.109, 1.108…and so on.

3. 20 students chose both subjects.

This means that 35 chose music and 24 chose sports. 20 (both) + 35 (music) + 24 (sports) = 79.
100 (total) – 79 = 21.

4. Four days. On the fourth day, he’ll cut off a 2-meter-long piece, and will have two equal pieces.

5. Eight candles.

No-one said anything about carrying candles from the church. They were just carrying candles. Add their three to those already in the church to get the answer.

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