No woman can change a man just by loving him.

Each relationship will go through several stages. The first is a honeymoon in which you learn a lot from each other. There is a phase of adaptation when you start to take for granted the things your partner does for you. Later come rejection and satiety, friendship and love.

However, not all relationships reach the final stage and it is often because you can not forget about your partner’s weaknesses. Even his positive points can irritate you. At such a time, you sincerely believe that you must change for yourself, your loved ones, and your relationship.

The day comes when you console yourself with memories of moments when you laugh the same things, frolic together, discussing days and weeks until morning, going to the same concerts and where the chemistry between you was palpable. They always hope wholeheartedly that everything will come back when your lover’s character changes.

So, is it wise to change a man? Why do women need this? Why can not you change it and how are you going to proceed in this case? Let’s take a look at these questions below.

Why Does a Woman Want to Change a Man’s Nature?

At first, the woman only wants it when she loves him. If an unloved man brings him discomfort, she simply breaks the relationship with him.

If a woman feels uncomfortable with a man, she asks for changes. She often tries to change partners, but in the end she turns out to be in vain. She can not understand why it’s because she sincerely believes that everyone can change for a loved one.

Why Don’t Men Leave Their Habits Behind?

Male nature is diverse and it is impossible to find the universal reasons why they do not change (or do not want to) change their relationship in the relationship. After all, every man has unique characteristics.

Men do not understand what has been said or suggested in a roundabout way. Also, remember that you are not a child and that the man does not have the task to promote you before making changes, you will be the best version of yourself.

What Should The Woman Do?

There are two options for the woman who can not bear any part of the character of the man.

The first is to forget the principles and accept the man with all its advantages and disadvantages. If you are madly in love, get ready to make concessions. What you should accept is that it is good to be different. Their interests, goals and characters make the relationship unique.

The alternative is to end the relationship if it does not bring you joy. If you and your partner are incompatible and it is not worth fighting for relationships, do not be a victim. Looking for something better, because every woman deserves to be happy!

If the relationship does not work, do not despair. There is nothing wrong with you. It’s not your obligation to be a mentor, to take care of your friend or to heal emotional trauma. You are worth the trouble of being relaxed and happy.

Whatever you do, man only listens to you when you are mad about him, and those feelings are reciprocal. Leave the phrase, “Don’t force him to change, inspire him instead” to your motto.


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