My son, I love you

There is hardly one thing in this entire world which is greater than a mother’s love for her son. A mother will always be there by her son’s side no matter how hard life is. Her arms will always be open for a loving hug whenever he feels tired, discouraged, or even defeated. Her love needs no reason and knows no limit. It is so natural yet so profound, which can be sensed through the following heartfelt son quotes.

“You are my sonshine.”

Mothers consider their sons as the biggest creations and the source of light in their lives. The son represents happiness, hope and legacy of his mother, the one she loves unconditionally.

“You are my son, my moons, my stars”

To a mother, her son is not only her sun, but also her moon, her star, and her whole universe. She compares her own son to the most beautiful and shiny things the human can ever see. It is really touching and it shows the ultimate depth of her love.

“You are the beautiful gift that I receive every day. My life is so magical because of you, my dearest son. I love you!”

Every child is a blessing to his mother. The second a son is born is the mother’s magical moment. It lights up her heart and turns her life into an adventure, a fairy tale.

“His little hands stole my heart and his little feet ran away with it.”

When a mother sees her sons, it is like she sees the most adorable thing in the world. Every little thing he does brings smile to her face and warmth to her heart. The love grows in her and becomes an uncontrollable sweetness.

“Sons are the anchors of a mother’s life.”

Having a son turns a new page in a woman’s story of life. Life can sometimes be hard, cruel, and confusing, especially to women. However, the existence of the sons brings the reason and courage they need to cope with any difficulty.

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