My children are the reason that I smile

Say it to the world, tell them, “I love my kids” and let them know just how much you truly care for your children because children are blessings from God.

1. I love my kids because they fill up my world with joy and laughter, I wish for nothing more.

2. Do not even dare to lay a single finger on my kids because I will not show you any mercy.

3. My dear kids, if you can just see yourselves through my eyes you would see you’re special.

4. I wish that one day you guys would realize that I care for you so much more than you know.

5. There is nothing more I want in this world than to see all of you as happy and healthy too.

6. I will love you and spoil you with my love because you truly deserve it for being such cuties.

7. I want to pinch your cheeks, hug you tightly and shower you with kisses, my dear children.

8. All those dreams that you have dream of, I will try my best to help you achieve all of them.

9. Keep reaching for your goals, you will eventually get them all, believe me on this, alright?

10. Those unicorns and rainbows make so happy to the point that I want to shout I love my kids.

11. I want to thank God because you gave me gifts and they are everything I wanted in this life.

12. All my life I have been wishing to have children and now they are here staring me in the face.

13. The best thing about a mother is that she will never leave you and so I never would, my dears.

14. May you never forget me even as you grow up because I still wish to see you now and then.

15. I know you guys will eventually be able to make decisions for yourselves but for now I would.

16. I will always be here for you, kids so do not worry if you feel like you are lost and wondering.

17. My love for you goes deeper than the ocean, higher than the universe, wider than everything.

18. I will be a friend to you as much as I would be a parent so do not let yourself be down.

19. Never will I leave you alone when you are feeling down, I will keep treasuring you, my child.

20. I may be your worst nightmare when you break your curfew but I can be your sweetest dream.

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