Mom Angers Neighbors With Sign She Made Saying ” This Neighborhood is Full of Karens”

Oh, Karens. They are like a staple to a community.

“Karen” is a term popularly coined for people who used to complain a lot and call higher authorities. They are the ones usually calling for managers to escalate even simple issues.

Whoever has the energy to complain even in simple things is definitely a Karen in our modern-day definition of the name. Though not all  – but some of us doesn’t even realize that we are a “Karen” ourselves.

For some, complaining can be just too much to handle thus resulting for them to result in different ways to cope with this. Others rant about it on social media. Others just shut it off and turn their backs on them. But for some, when stress is just too much, they decided the best way to handle a “Karen” is by putting up a sign!

Yes – a literal sign that says “There are a lot of Karens in this neighborhood”

This is how Raquel Davis, a mom from Sacramento, dealt with her frustrations with her neighbors. She eventually reached her breaking point when her neighbor complained about Raquel’s kids skateboarding last month.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time that Raquel received complaints from her neighbors with the same issue of her kids playing outdoors. She wasn’t too fed up with the constant nagging and complaints that she took the matters her own way and put up a sign that says “This Neighborhood is Full of Karens.” She placed the sign just below the basketball hoop in their lawn.

In her interview with CBS, Raquel told the media how her neighbors constantly complain about the noises. She said that neighbors are complaining about how they could hear Raquel’s children from even inside their homes and how they utter language not suited for kids their age.

For over a few months, Raquel has dealt with several complaints involving her kids for where her neighbors called the police on them to check for three times already. Being a mother of seven kids, you can just imagine how hard it must have been for her to keep everything together.

She said that the sign was made just when she knew she reached the end of her patience with the constant complaints from her neighbors.

In her interview, she said, “I felt this is my son’s birthday party. They’re out skateboarding and I guess I was at my final straw. My last thing. I don’t know what to do so I put up the sign. So now that it’s with my kids and cops are being called on them, I don’t really know how to resolve this when they’re just skateboarding.”

You can just imagine how stressful it might have been for a mom to feel that way when you just want your kids to have some fun but they get called upon it anyways.

However, people in the neighborhood aren’t happy with the noises. As a neighbor, Bruce Foster said in the CBS Sacramento interview,  the alleged noises or the skateboarding complaints were really not going well for most people in their neighborhood. People are frustrated and are not happy about all the alleged noises.  Yet, the sign didn’t really bother him at all.

The neighbor added that Raquel’s family should also start taking into consideration the feelings of their neighbors as things can be just as much as to them as it is to her.

He added, “These folks moved in and it’s basically ‘The Animal House,’ house in the neighborhood. There is like no sense of noise control. It’s like there’s a park going on here. This is a neighborhood. It’s not the park. The people that live here did not move next to the park on purpose”

Moreover, he continued that the family should start recognizing that they do have neighbors who also wanted to live a peaceful and quiet life. “That’s what it’s going to take. There’s no other alternative. The neighbors are not going away.”

Well, both sides are really understandable. Who wants to have noisy neighbors right? And no one also wants to be complained from time to time.

How about you, do you think the sign works for Raquel? Let us know in the comments down below!

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