Many people get it wrong: Can you find the horse in this photo?

Only certain people can see the horse in this photo – are you one of the special few?

I think you’ll like this tricky test!

I have already seen this one before on the net, but I think it’s great because the difficulty is just right. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to manage, but you still need to focus and take a long, careful look.

See if you’re one of the lucky few who can see what most people can’t. So it isn’t easy by any means – I needed more than 30 seconds to make it.

Your mission is to find a horse in the picture below.

Can you do it?

Did you manage to find the horse?

As I said, it’s not easy, so don’t worry if you couldn’t do it.

The answer is below – so if you haven’t found the steed yet, take one last look at the photo before scrolling down to the solution.






Here’s the answer!

So the horse is hiding inside the house, in the middle row of windows. I have no idea how it got up there, but it sure makes for a good test!

Only 1 in 7 can find all the horses in the picture on their first try – can you do it?

In the 70s, the famous artist Bev Doolittle and her husband traveled to the southwestern US. During her trip, she was inspired to paint this impressive and strange painting. Ever since its creation, people have been asking one question: how many horses are there in the picture?

The beautiful painting uses a camouflaging effect which makes it tricky to make out the proud animals from the background.

Very few people manage to get it right on their first try. Can you do it? Ready, set and go!

Source: Bev Doolittle

Do you have your answer? Make sure to look extra close before scrolling down to the solution!







So it turns out that there are 5 horses in the picture. Four in the middle, and one to the far left.

Are there more?

Some people claim that there’s a sixth and the seventh horse in this painting.

These people say that there’s a sixth horse behind the ones in the middle. Personally, I don’t see it, but you might be one of the ones who can.

There’s also a rocky outcropping behind the herd, which can be interpreted as an abstract horse.

You judge for yourself – but personally, I think 5 horses is the right answer!

Apparently, only 1 in 7 people can spot the quintet on their first try!

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