Mama, I miss you

Losing a mother is a pain that cannot be described in words. It is impossible to move on from the memory of losing the woman who sacrificed happiness in her own life so that you could have a better one. A mother’s love is truly irreplaceable. If you are finding it hard to cope with your mom’s, channel your emotions by seeking solace in the written word. Write your own quotes, phrases and poems. They’ll help you reflect on all the beautiful childhood memories. Your writings will help you emerge out of the shadows of sadness. The wonderful memories of spending time with your mom will help heal the agony of missing her after she’s passed away. Read this post and take the first step towards embracing the fact that your mom has truly become an angel who is watching you from the heaven’s above.

1: Mom, you were the best thing that even happened to me. RIP: Return if possible. I am sorry for not telling you enough that I love you.

2: You brought me up and shouldered my responsibilities without asking for any payment. Your absence has left me standing alone to face life. I miss you, mommy.

3: Your heart was always there to pour out your affection on me. You had a pure heart. I know you are resting where only angels like you deserve to be.

4: My mom for life. Though you are gone, none of your memories will be forgotten. I will forever cherish every little, single one of them. I love you.

5: Everything I know today, you inspired or laid the foundation. There’s nothing I have today that you didn’t encourage me to go for, yesterday. I have lost a rare gem in you. I miss you so much, mom.

6: True love is shown by a woman who underwent pain to give me life, a woman who chose to be strong when there were many reasons to give up on me. Mom, you truly loved me. Rest in peace.

7: You taught me almost everything, mother. But you didn’t teach me how to live without you. How could you not? Why did you leave me hurting so? Hear me, I miss you so much it hurts.

8: When I looked for someone who would be my father, you filled the gap effortlessly. When I needed the nurturing bosom of my mother, you gave me all in excess. Little did I know it was for a while. I miss you, mommy.

9: My children teach me daily how priceless you were. I’m sorry that I took many of your acts of kindness and your sacrifices for granted. Ma, forgive me for not being the most easy of children to train. I love and miss you.

10: When I see how people laugh and catch fun with their mothers, it makes me remember what a gift you were to me. I miss you, momma.

11: How I wished tears can bring you home. How I prayed I would hear your loud footsteps. I would give anything to see you and hold you tightly without letting go the second time. I miss you a lot, mother.

12: A million miles are between us. I’m a man of sorrow, a motherless child. I want to stop missing you as much as I do, mom. Console me in ways only you can, please. Help me.

13: Ever since you turned your back to me, I have struggled with myself, questioning what I did wrong to deserve such a punishment. The pain of missing you is miserable.

14: It’s been years but it feels like it’s just yesterday that you bade me an unwanted goodbye. So hard, so long. I miss you, mom.

15: I always wanted to be right. I didn’t want to be the one apologising first for any wrongdoing. But you taught me humility through your attitude. I miss you sorely, world’s best mum.

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