Limbless Teen Who Lived Her Entire Life Inside A Plastic Bucket Passes Away At 19

When Rahma Haruna was born to a loving family in Kano, Nigeria, everything seemed fine.

But as she hit the six months mark in her life, she began to stop growing and wasn’t getting to certain milestones in her development when expected.

She began to feel pain in all her limbs, and wouldn’t want to move them when they hurt.

The condition continued to develop and Haruna was left limbless.

Despite having no access to medical care, her family worked tirelessly to make her life as comfortable as possible.

Her brother Fahad loved to help her and bring her out to visit their relatives, because he knew it made her happy.

Image Credit: @yesmuslim_id / Twitter

In order to facilitate easier mobility of her, Haruna’s family placed her inside a plastic bucket, and they would use this to bring her around.

Through all the hardship, Haruna was very positive.

She was grateful to her family for providing her with everything she needed.

Image Credit: Belfast Telegraph / Twitter

She had dreams of starting her own business with a grocery store and living her best life.

Her story eventually went viral when a local journalist named Sani Maikatanga wrote about her story and shared photos of her in a post in 2016.

Haruna’s story went viral and people from all over the world reached out to her to try and help provide her with donations and some of the things she needed.

News reporters covered her story and around the globe, people were inspired by her and wanted to help her.

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