If You Bring Your Hands Together And These 2 Lines On Your Palm Match Up

Take a look at your palms – are there many prominent lines, or only a few faint lines? The deeper and longer the lines of your hand, the more certain and fated your destiny becomes.

Look closely at the placement of your your heart line. This is the topmost line on your palm that typically stretches from the outside of your palm and ends somewhere between your middle finger and index finger.

Place both of your hands together and look at your palms. The alignment of the heart lines on both your palms can tell you some interesting things about the future of your role in love and marriage relationships.

A. Both Lines Match Up:

If your heart lines fit perfectly in the middle, you are the type of person with one of the purest hearts. You are the definition of sweet love and give hope to people.

You are one of the most sensitive people and your partner will probably contact you first for support and acceptance when they feel bad.

In marriage, you are very lucky that the chosen person is worshiped by your family and friends. You can suffer sudden changes in life, but you will find a way to smooth things out.

B. Right Hand Line Is Higher:

If the heart line is higher than the one on your left, it means that you are an old soul. You will probably be attracted to older people and you may be surrounded by friends from a few years ago.

You do not like to follow the traditional rules, no matter what society is called “normal” – in fact, you prefer to follow your heart and look for love in the form in which it presents itself.

You may be attracted to people who are very different from you and you value the uniqueness of individuals. You do not talk about the bush and you are very direct when it comes to telling the truth in relationships.

C. Left Hand Line Is Higher:


If this line is higher, you will fight for love. You are the kind of person who loves challenges and the chase. Not only will you pursue your loved ones with enthusiasm, but you will discuss with passion and find yourself.

You will aggressively assert what you are entitled to and overcome any obstacles that may come your way. Your partner finds you passionate and passionate in love.

People with this line higher tend to be extremely beautiful or handsome.


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