How Many Watermelons Can You See?

This fascinating brainteaser will help determine whether you are left or right brained. All you need is to answer this simple question:

How many watermelons can you see?

Different people find a different number of watermelons due to their way of thinking and – what is more important – either their left or right hemisphere is predominant.

Eight, six and five are, in fact, the most common answers. Interesting, right?

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How Many Watermelons Can You See?

If YOUR answer is 8 then you are logical, analytical and objective.

These features determine you as a left-brained person whose ideal jobs include being a scientist, a lawyer or an engineer.

If you got six or five watermelons, then it turns out you are right-brained.

Right-brainers are believed to be creative, visionary and intuitive, and their ideal occupations included being an artist, a writer, and a designer.


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