How Many Phones Can Be Charged At The Same Time?

Look at the picture below and answer the following question:

How many phones can be charged at once?

It seems easy, right?

There are 3 sockets: one of them is for 2 devices and another 2 are for 4 devices.

You should not be a mathematical genius to do this calculation.

The answer is 10! But is it correct?

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How Many Phones Can Be Charged At The Same Time?

So here the right answer goes:

One of the devices with 4 sockets is actually useless. It doesn’t have a cord, that is, it is idle.

The other socket for 4 devices has one faulty outlet, which means we can use only 3 of them instead of 4.

And finally, we have 1 device with 2 sockets, which we can connect to the socket with 3 working outlets.

Thus, the right answer to the riddle is: 4 phones can be charged at once!


This math puzzle making rounds on the internet has been shared by a Facebook user named Antley Lamont Staten. The problem has been shared more than 382 thousand times.

While some people don’t even take a second to answer this puzzle, others may stare at it for five to ten minutes before they figure it out.

Scroll down for the answer.







If you have been puzzling over the numbers all along, you need to shift your gaze to the left and find the “MITSAKE”.




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