How many ducks can you see in this picture?

Test your observation skills with this picture riddle. In the given image you will see some ducks (some hidden as well). So count the number of Ducks and share the number in the comments section below.

Can you find them all?


Answer: 16


The ducks are marked in the image below;

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Do you need a dose of fun today? It never hurts to combine fun with brain exercising, and brain teasers are one of the best activities for this. Just as dumbbells are good to pump up your muscles, puzzles and optical illusions are perfect for the head training.

Today’s challenge is to find odd bicycle in the picture! It looks similar at a first glance, and you will probably need to focus to spot those that differ. However, the challenge is fun! It can also tell you how fast your eyes can be!

How fast can you find the odd bicycle, if you can find it! congratulation, you got a great eyesight.

If you can not find it, check answer bellow







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