Find the odd duck in less than 20 seconds

Not all people are able to do it: Can you find the odd duck out?

Here is today’s challenge. Below you’ll see a picture filled with ducks, all facing the same direction. But one duck is facing the opposite direction.

It’s not clear how the duck differs from the others, it may be a small detail so it’s important to focus all your senses.

In addition, you only have 20 seconds to find it. This makes things a little harder. In fact, none of the friends I shared the puzzle with could do it.

The challenge: find the duck facing forward in under 20 seconds.

Here is the picture.

Did you find the duck? With so many ducks so close to each other is not an easy task.

If you didn’t find it, don’t worry. You can see the answer below.




Here is the solution

Okay, here it is in case you missed it.

Look at the bottom right corner, there it is.

Onto the next puzzle! In 10 seconds — can you find the odd icon out?

Was it too difficult?

Here, too, only a small detail sets the symbol apart from the rest. If you, like many others, can’t find it, below is the solution.




In the middle, you can see the sun without clouds. It’s hard to notice, but it’s the truth!

Were you successful? Did you solve any of the puzzles?

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