EXCLUSIVE: ‘This is America, you can’t tell us what to do!’ More than 300,000 maskless leather-clad bikers flex their defiance – and muscles – on Daytona Beach over Biden’s national mask mandate

More than 300,000 bikers rolled into Daytona Beach this week with a defiant message for President Joe Biden and his national mask mandate: ‘This is America, you can’t tell us what to do.’

The famed Spring Break mecca pushed ahead with its 80th annual Bike Week despite fears it could spawn a Covid-19 superspreader event.

DailyMail.com joined the giant rally as leather-clad motorcyclists from every state in the nation cruised down Main Street for a raucous party on two wheels.

Virtually nobody wore a mask or practiced social distancing as tattooed revelers packed into bars to sing along to REO Speedwagon covers and kick back with $3 beers.

‘I refuse to mask. Joe Biden ain’t gonna tell me what to do. I have a constitutional right to do whatever the hell I want,’ laughed biker John Saxon, 52.


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