Cheaters always want you to be loyal

Cheating is one of many reasons that destroy a relationship. It is like a poison that slowly kills even the healthiest foundation ever built. Read on these cheating quotes to find more about this treason of emotions.


Cheating is a choice, not an ordinary mistake a man can do.

Don’t say to me that you do not have a choice and you do not want to cheat with me after all. You have a choice to avoid it in the first place.

I think it is better to just kill me than cheat with me. I don’t know if I can actually take the pain.

I can never forget the time you just cheated on me. That was the same time my feelings for you just died.

You knew it will break my heart. And still, you choose to cheat with me.

I will never cheat on my girl. Why should I find someone else if what I have right now is the best girl in the world?

No reasons can validate cheating. If you are not happy anymore, then end it. Remember that no one can love two people at the same time.

I have the worst nightmare last night. I just caught my boyfriend cheating with me.

A cheater doesn’t deserve any second chances but a sweet revenge.

I do not see any valid reason why someone cheats with their partner except when love fades.

My boyfriend thinks I will not find out that he’s cheating with me. I can tell by the way he looks at me now compared before.

You will never cheat if you are contented with your partner.

The evil will tempt you with what is only beautiful, so make sure you are strong enough not to fall into temptation.

Cheating begins when you start to keep secrets from your partner. It will grow until it destroys everything.

Cheating doesn’t need to be physical all the time, it can be both verbally or emotionally too.

Some people think cheating happens only in weak relationships. This was wrong because no matter how strong your relationship is, when one gives in to temptation, everything else will fall down.

No words will ever explain the pain after seeing your partner kissing someone else.

Think hundred times before doing something nasty with your partner. Once done, you can never erase.

The mind will forget, but never the heart.

I don’t care if she’s always busy as long as I know I am the only one in her heart.

To keep a secret, to hide a text message, to never reveal your password, is one of many indications that you are cheating.

A man who cheats one time is never different with a man who cheats several times. They are both idiot.

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