Challenging The Internet To Spot 90 Pictures Of The Queen’s Face In This Portrait

An Imgur user has paid tribute to the Queen on her 90th birthday by challenging the internet to spot 90 pictures of her face in this portrait

But the teaser proved a little too easy for the web’s taste, with some commenters saying it took them a mere two seconds to find the panda.

One wrote: ‘In an instant,’ to describe the length of time it took her to find the animal.

Meanwhile, someone with a sense of humour has taken inspiration from the trend to create an image with lots of extra Queen’s heads.

The practical joker shared the hilarious image on his account with the message, ‘Happy 90th birthday Queen Liz!’ before asking his followers ‘Can you spot all 90 Queen’s heads?’

The image which has been viewed over 44,000 times sees the monarch hidden in the furniture, carpet and wallpaper of the palace.

Each of the royals’ faces has been replaced with that of Her Majesty and in a rather creepy twist her face even appears on various body parts including her own knees and Charles’ finger nails.

Look closely at buttons on the royals’ clothing, the Queen’s jewellery and the moulding on the walls to spy other faces.

Those who do manage to seek out all 90 photos of the Queen may notice a 91st face in the picture peering over the right elbow of Prince Charles.

Bizarrely Samuel has chosen to Photoshop in an additional photograph of singer-songwriter Iggy Pop, for reasons unexplained.

A closer view of the doctored image shows the Queen’s face on furniture, on the gold decoration on the wall and peeping out from behind the sofa and chair

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