Can You Spot The ODD One Out?

Puzzles are fun, and every now and again you need a quick little brain-teaser to distract yourself from the day.

Here’s that very puzzle.

Of the five shapes below, can you tell which one is the odd one out and why?

We’ll give you a little time.

Scroll down for the answer, below:






The answer is…

The reason why is fairly simple:

All but one of the shapes is a square.

All but one of the shapes is red.

All but one of the shapes has an outline.

All but one of the shapes are the same height and width.

The large red square with an outline must therefore be the odd one out as it has no exceptional features.


Can You Find 8 Differences?

Here is an interesting and challenging image puzzle that no one seems to get right answer.

Puzzle is very simple, all you need to do is find 8 differences between the two images given below.

You have 8 minutes of time to get all 8 difference.

Lets see if you how many differences you can find within 8 minutes.

If you get all of them you, you have 5th generation mind.

Scroll down for the answer.







The 8 difference are the 8 missing legs of spider.

1st difference : First leg is missing

2nd difference : Second leg is missing






8th difference : 8th leg is missing



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