Can You Solve This Fish Math Riddle In Less Than One Minutes?

Feeling tired? Do you need a little brain boost? So move your thoughts and try to answer this puzzle in less than a minute! The answer is at the end of the article.

If you think the answer is 1, then you’re wrong! We’ll tell you


First, fish live underwater so they can’t drown!

Second, they’re in a tank so it’s impossible for them to escape by swimming away.

And third, even if they die they’re still in the tank!

So the correct answer is 10! All of the fish are still in the tank. Did you get it right?


Funny Challenge: How many faces can you find in this picture?

How many faces can you see?

Examples of this can be optical illusions, they are both exciting and confusing. Earlier this week, I found one I felt was pretty neat. I think the difficulty is at a reasonable level. Easy to start, but very difficult to fully solve.

The goal is to figure out how many faces hide inside the next picture.

Let’s start at once – how many faces can you find?

You have 1 minute to find them all!

Yeah, this was a bit challenging, wasn’t it?

This illusion has generated many discussions online because people can’t reach an agreement on what the answer is.

Take your time, it’s not easy, if you can find them all, you have good eyesight.

Now, It’s time to check the answer:







I found 6 faces on my first try, but the most common answer – and according to several sites, the correct one – is 7 faces.

One of the things that many seem to miss is the face in the hair to the right.

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How fast can you find the odd?

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