Can You Solve This Confusing Math Puzzle? Only 2% Can

The task is simple, can you work out what A, B, C and D are in this math cube? It’s a bit like sudoku so try to think outside of the box to fill in those pesky gaps 🙂

Ok so you can see the math riddle above, so all that’s left is to work out A, B, C and D! You don’t have to work them out in order… It might be that you find the solution to C before any others…

That’s ok!

Or you’re ready for the answer already?

Ok the solution is:

A: 7

B: 3

C: 4

D: 1


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Are you in for a challenge? This riddle will give you the brain boost you need and give it moving. Try to answer it in less than 60 seconds, ready?

In a tank, there are 10 fishes, 2 of them are drowned, 4 of them swim away and 3 of them d.i.e. how many are left.

Nonetheless, if you think that the answer is 1, then you’re wrong!

We’ll tell you the reason why 1 isn’t the correct answer

First: The fish live underwater so that basically means they can’t drown!

Second: They’re in a tank; therefore, it’s impossible for them to escape by swimming away.

Third: Even if they die they’re still inside the tank!

So, the correct answer is 10! All of the fished are still inside the tank.

Were you able to get the correct answer? Share this riddle if you find it easy to crack!

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