Can You Find The Musical Note In The Space Landing Scene?

A new brainteaser sweeping the web has proved challenging to even the most eagle-eyed of netizens – so give it a go, and reach for the stars!

The puzzle, created by toy manufacturer TOMY, asks people to find the musical note in the space landing scene.

But with an out-of-this world theme, which features the like of stars, hearts and even earth, it may prove trickier than you first think.

And with the current record standing at an impressive 40 seconds – how will you fare?

Scroll down for reveal

And if you’re still struggling, you’ll find the hidden musical note resides towards the bottom of the puzzle.

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to find it, as there have been plenty of other brainteasers sweeping the web for you to try your hand at.

If you haven’t managed to find the answer, it resides towards the bottom left-hand side of the image and is circled in red

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