Can you find all the 3’s in less than 30 seconds?

How many 3’s can you see?

Picture puzzles. To solve them, you need to find different details in a picture, but it’s not so easy to find them, you must concentrate as much as you can.

Can you find all the 3’s in this picture puzzle?
Okay, here’s today’s challenge. Below we see a picture filled with 8’s.

But it’s not just 8’s. The image also contains a few 3’s.

The task is to find as many 3’s as possible in 30 seconds.

Here is the picture puzzle – you only have 30 seconds!

How many did you find?

Below the next image, you can see the answer.






Here’s the answer

Did you find four 3’s? Or five?

Then you didn’t find all of them, unfortunately. Here’s the right answer.

There are six 3’s – did you find them in under 30 seconds?

Congratulations to you in that case!

Most people get this wrong – but can you find all the 8’s in the picture?

Only 3 out of 10 got it right

I found this riddle online earlier today. It’s easy, but try your best to get the right answer.

This picture is filled with sixes, as well as some hidden 8’s. Can you figure out how many 8’s are in the picture? Oh, and you only have 10 seconds — quite the challenge!

I sent this challenge to my colleagues and only 3 out of 10 had the correct number of 8s on the first try!

Ok, you have 10 seconds – how many 8’s can you find?!

Now let’s find out if you’re right!






According to the site Brightside, not even half of the people that try can get the correct answer — this matched the result I got from my colleagues!

The correct answer is 8, there are eight 8’s in the picture! 7 of them are between the sixes. And you have to count the big yellow 8 in the question!

Did you get it right?

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