Be good to people

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.” – Barbara De Angelis

Life Is Hard Enough As It Is, So Please, Be Kind To People.

It’s painful to see what this society has turned into.

There was once a time when the living was easier, and the people were warmer. At least, that is what I believe to be true. I haven’t had the opportunity to experience that different, old era. But, from what I’ve heard, those were the times.

Yes, the wars were cold and bloody, but people knew how to stick together. They knew what it’s important in life. They nurtured and respected values like honesty, solidarity, equality, integrity, and love.

I am not suggesting that those times were utopian. But, it was different.

Everyone was kinder, more open, more honest. The conversations were heartfelt, the love was genuine, the pain was real, the struggle was difficult.

These people helped each other, they looked after each other. They shared their laughter, they shared their sadness, they were each other’s crying shoulder, they were unconditional support to one another.

That is why their bonds lasted. When something felt wrong, they searched for a way to fix it. Not a shortcut to avoid it.

But, I can’t help but notice that what we have now is completely different.

There’s a vast divide between the social classes. There’s hate. There’s intolerance… etc

All I see today is sorrow, poverty, misery, deception, inequity, lies and utter manipulation. Lady Justice is rolling in her grave. Somehow the culprit always finds a way to get away with its wrongdoings.

And the only people who ever suffer for its mischief are the righteous ones. The ones who are honest, noble and maybe too damn pure. Some are stronger, and some struggle to survive.

So, don’t you think that it is up to us to make the change?

Life will always be hard. It’s an unpredictable ride. We won’t always be able to avoid the obstacles along the way. We won’t always be ready to face the truth. We won’t always be strong to overcome the pain.

But we need to understand that it is also up to us to make this life bearable.

It’s difficult and challenging enough as it is… So, please be kind to each other.

Let stop the hate, those stereotypes, the prejudice in our hearts, the unfair treatment, the envy…

Let us stop caring whether the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Instead, let us focus on our own soil. Our own growth. Our own prosperity.

Let’s be kind to each other. Let’s not despise one another. Let’s not be envious of each other’s possessions. Let’s not impose our beliefs on others. Let’s not force others to adapt to our preferences or needs.

Let’s not tell people who they can or cannot marry. Let’s not convince people that emotions are a sign of weakness. Let’s not forbid things to people that keep them healthy or give them eternal peace of mind.

Let’s not judge them by the color of their skin. Their religious beliefs. Their language. Their gender. Let’s not shame them for their choices. Let’s not be disrespectful.

Let us be kind to each other.

For kindness and solidarity will be our only salvation.

Life is too damn hard. It goes away quickly. Some of us are fragile, others are suffering, and there are some who are grieving.

So, please. Let’s stop this madness once and for all, and let’s be kind to each other.

We are all we have.

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