Apprciate your woman

A good woman that is faithful, ambitious, driven, family orientated, educated, honest and loyal: Who supports you at your worst and is there to celebrate with you at your best; who put you before her friends and family (when necessary); Who could do more for you than satisfy your s.. need is hard to come by nowadays, so when you have one, make sure you appreciate and cherish her because the clubs and bars are full of men wishing they had the girl you’ve left at home.

Some men don’t understand the importance of having a good woman that genuinely cares for you.  Not the s.. , not money, or anything material but YOU. When she really likes you, she will accept your flaws and do things to help you become a better man. Not because she wants something from you but just because truly has your best interest at heart. Don’t mess that up or take it for granted because if you do you will miss out on that GENUINE CARE that you won’t able to get back. Women like this are hard to find these days.

A lot of men act like they are doing a woman by favour by asking her hand in marriage but let’s think about this: She changes her name, changes her home, moves with you, builds a home with you, leaves her family, gets pregnant for you, bears children for you, pregnancy destroy her body, she get’s fat, almost give up in the labour room due to unexplainable pain, even the kids she delivers bear your name. Till the day she dies, everything she does benefits you who is really doing who a favour. Dear men, appreciate your wife today because it is not easy to be a woman.

You’s be surprised by how many times a woman sits in her car or in the shower, or in the laundry room, or at the sink and quickly cries because she’s so stressed. because when she shows her face again, she looks untouched and unbothered, manages to sport a beautiful smile and carries on like she’s fine. Women are some of the most resilient creatures, appreciate them


Have you ever cried so much because of stress? leave your comments to share about your life. You are loved.

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