Apparently 99% Of People Can’t Find The Horse. Can You Spot It?

This picture below is one of those difficult puzzles on the Internet right now. At first, you will find it impossible to solve the puzzle but once you go through the answer, you will end up kicking yourself for not seeing it.

First of all, the picture above isn’t just a simple photo, it is optical illusion. It is actually hiding an image within an image.

What do you see in this picture? Probably a Frog sitting? What if we tell you that there is a horse hidden in this photo? Yes, for that you have to step towards the difficult part.

The outlined image highlight the picture of a Frog. But the difficult part is yet to come.

Did you see the horse in this photo? Apparently, there is a horse too? Did you find it? No? Ok, We will give you a hint.

In this image, if you are trying to find a horse, then you will definitely fail.

If you will see carefully, you will find only the horse’s head and neck. That’s all.

Still clueless?

Another clue- Start looking around the area with the lily pad. It has an odd texture to it, right? Now did you find it?

Are you still struggling? Try turning the image to the left.

Here’s the picture-


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