An Old Lady Walks Into A Tattoo Shop

An old woman walks into a tattoo shop, looks directly at the artist and says
“I want to get a tattoo”.
The artist hesitantly replies
“Well, ok where would you like this tattoo?”
Old lady: “actually I want two, one on the inside of my left thigh and one and the inside of my right thigh”
Artist: “you know how much this will hurt? Are you really sure you want them there?”
Old lady barks at him: “of course I know that’s where I want them! I don’t care how much it will hurt!”
Artist: “okay, whatever you want then. Let’s take a look at art the art book to see if there is something you want.”
Old lady: “I already know what I want. I want a Christmas tree on my left thigh, and a turkey on my right thigh”
Artist: “uhhhh ok, I will do that, but could you answer me as to why you would want such a thing?”
Old lady:
“Because in sick of my husband complaining there is nothing to eat between Christmas and Thanksgiving!”

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