An Elderly Forest Gump Died. –


An elderly Forest Gump died and went to heaven:

St. Peter had just been notified that heaven was filling up fast,

So he came up with a test to thin out Heaven inductees.

He posed 3 questions to Forest and gave him 5 minutes to think and respond.

The first question was.

“Which two days in the week begin with the letter T?”

The second question said.

“How many seconds are in a year?”

The third and last question was.

“What is God’s first name?”

After this last question, Forest smiles big.

St. Peter gives him time, then demands to hear his answers.

The elderly man says.

“The two days in the week that start with T are Today and Tomorrow.”

St. Peter didn’t count on that answer, but he realized Forest had a valid point and said he was correct.
Then the elderly man says.

“I am worried the second question is too easy, but I reckon there are 12 seconds in a year.”

St. Peter can’t believe what he’s hearing, 12 SECONDS in an entire year? So he asks Forest to clarify.

Forest Gump says.

“Well, it was just common sense- January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd, etc.”

St. Peter exclaimed.

“THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT, but your answer makes a lot of sense.

At last, St. Peter said.

“Your last question is the most important. What is God’s first name?”

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