An Eagle Goes Searching For A Mate. –


An Eagle goes searching for a mate.

He swoops down and picks up a loon.

The loon looks up at him and coos,

“I’m a loon, I’m a loon, I love to spoon.”

The eagle realizes this will not work, so he kicks the loon away and finds a hawk, which immediately starts repeating,

“I’m a hawk, I’m a hawk, I just want to talk.”

Realizing that that will not work, he kicks off the hawk and soon catches a dove.

She croons, “I’m a dove, I’m a dove, I love to love.”

Frustrated now at three failed attempts, the eagle kicks out the dove and flies over to the lake where he picks up a duck.

The duck turns to him and quacks,

“I’m a drake, I’m a drake, you made a mistake!”

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