After 40 Years Of Marriage

One day, this old couple decided to go to a lawyer to get a divorce. The lawyer was a little surprised because not every day you see 70 years old people get divorced. After he heard their story, everything becomes clear to him.

The story was that their marriage was far from happy. They were together only because of their children. They were afraid of getting divorced earlier that might get a negative effect on the children. Now that all their children have already grown up and have their own families, they have decided that it is time to end this unhappy marriage.

Even though the lawyer heard their story, he still didn’t understand why they wanted to divorce at the age of 70.

While the couple was signing the papers, the wife said that she loves her husband, but she just can’t handle that marriage any longer. The husband said that he totally understands her and that everything would be fine. The lawyer heard all this and suggested a dinner for the three of them to which they both agreed. The dinner was a little weird and silent. The first dish was roasted chicken. Immediately, the husband took the drumstick from the roasted chicken and get it to, now, his ex-wife because it was her favorite part.

Looking at this, the lawyer thought there might still be a chance for the relationship, but he was not right. The wife got angry at this because she thought that her ex-husband never took into consideration her wishes and that she actually hates drumsticks. Little did she know that over the years, the husband has been trying all ways to please her. Little did she know that drumsticks were the husband’s favorite. Little did he know that she never thought he understands her at all. Little did he know that she hates drumsticks even though all he wants is the best for her. Their relationship seemed very weird, they loved each other, and yet they do the wrong things to each other.

The night after the meal, both the man and the woman were not able to sleep. After much thinking and turning in the bad the man decides that he still loves his wife and he started calling her to tell her that he loves her.

The wife was still in disbelieve that after so many years with her husband, he still did not know that she hated drumsticks. While the phone was ringing, she refused to answer because she was the one who asked for all this and she did not want to look weak. She even unplugged the phone cord but she forgot that her husband had heart problems and that he might need her.

The next day, he passed away and when she went to see him, he still had the phone in his hands.

She had to clear the entire apartment and while she was doing that she found her ex-husband’s insurance policy which had the exact date as the one their wedding was and the beneficiary of the policy was her. There was also a note in the files and it was addressed to her. He wrote that if she was reading that, then probably he passed away and the policy is for her. There were $100k on the policy with which he hoped that he could continue the promise he gave her when they got married. He said that that money will take care of her even when he is no longer around and also that he loves her a lot.

Naturally, she burst into tears.

“When you love someone, let them know… You never know what will happen the next minute. Learn to build a life together. Learn to love each other. For who they are. Not what they are…”

People should always share their feelings because one day it might be too late. Never forget to tell someone how much you appreciate them because tomorrow they might be gone forever.

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