A Strong Friendship

Signs Of Real Friendship You Should Never Ignore

1. You Trust Each Other

One of the basic aspects of any relationship is trust. There are many levels of trust and a healthy relationship has all intact. First, we’d like to trust that someone won’t steal from us, or cause us deliberate physical or emotional harm. This includes trusting that they won’t try to poison our friendships or our life goals. Moreover, we are able to trust them to keep their word and our secrets. This trust can eventually be extended, in a strong friendship, as far as trusting someone together with your life.

2. You Can Talk To Each Other

Everyone needs someone to share, whether it is just for a casual natter, or for a more serious conversation. When we talk with a real friend, we all know we can share about anything, no matter what is in our head, no matter how deep or shallow it may be. We all know they’ll understand and if they don’t they’ll give us the time. When we need them, they give us advice or they’ll listen to us rant and cry. They’ll give us some of the best chats of our lives more than anything.

3. They Are There When You Need Them

Sometimes we need help. When going through tough times in life, we need someone who is there for us. It could be a favor to ask or advice from someone that helps us to gain a better perspective. Whatever it is a real friend will see the severity of the situation and be happy to offer what help they can. We, of course, should be happy to return the favor for our friends.

4. You Support Each Other’s Life Aims

For example, when we are young, in school, or college, all of our friends seem to be heading in the same direction as us. As life progresses we realize that this is simply not the case; everyone has their own path and their own goals in life. In a good friendship, we develop an understanding of each other’s goals and respect each other’s efforts to advance on their own path. Although they are completely different, we feel that they also respect ours. We support the other person because we want them to be happy and successful.

5. Time And Space Are Not An Issue

Life is a matter of space and time, and sometimes this gap can get quite large. However, true friendship doesn’t stop this from happening. We want the best for our friends, and they want the best for us too. A healthy friendship would sooner face boundaries of time and space than living together and restricting each other’s goals in life. Space and time never ruin a true friendship. No matter if no contact is made for a long time, friendship goes beyond all that.

A strong friendship is mutual. Mutual respect, mutual appreciation, mutual understanding, give, and take. The one-sided relationship that only takes or gives does not turn into a long and healthy friendship. Friendship is always mutual.


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