15 “Overheard” Stories About How Great It Is to Have a Child

We can talk about relationships between parents and children forever. However, family complexities only make our lives more interesting.

We compiled a few “overheard” stories proving that having children is a lot of fun.

1. My daughter just turned 10 years old. Since childhood, I taught her not to talk to strangers, but I decided to check if she’d listened to my lessons. I asked my friend, whom she didn’t know, to talk to her. On the agreed day, he met her at the entrance to our apartment building. The girl told him everything about our lives like a bird. But she warned him in advance: “My mom doesn’t let me talk to strangers, and she’ll be outside soon. So let’s talk faster!”

2. I was 35 years old. I was waiting for someone outside. I saw a mother with a boy who was not older than 2. Then suddenly the boy runs to me saying, “Dad! Dad!” The mother stops him, saying, “He is not your father.” And then she adds, “Don’t scare the man!”

3. My friend has a 5-year-old son. I was at their place, and we were having tea. The kid runs into the room shooting at us with a toy gun. We played along and fell on the floor. The kid comes to us laughing and says, “Get up. It’s just a toy. If it were real, I would aim for your knees.” My friend was shocked.


4. My husband, my son, and I went into a pharmacy. I needed to buy birth control pills. My son wondered, “What are these pills? Are you sick or something? Why do you need them then? What do they do?” I decided to tell the truth: “They are for children.” My son got scared and asked, “For the new children…or for the old ones?”

5. My elder brother has a son. He has just started school. My brother buys him toys, different devices, and new clothes to motivate him. When I was in my first year in school, he promised me that if I finished school with excellent grades, I would be able to have a tooth made of gold. I was really enthusiastic for many years.


6. I was on the beach with my son and my husband. We had forgotten to take caps to cover our heads from the sun. I asked my husband to look after our son and went home. When I came back, I saw my son buried in the sand – I could see only his head. My husband wasn’t there. I asked my son, “Where is Dad?” The kid answered happily, “He is swimming!” “Why are you here?” Just as happily, “He buried me so I wouldn’t get lost.” Father of the Year, ladies and gentlemen.

7. I was on a bus. There was a woman sitting right next to me with her 5-year-old son. They were talking:

Son: Mom, why do people grow up?

Mom: Well, because it just works that way. You’ll grow up too.

Son: I don’t want to be an adult.

Mom: Being an adult is a lot of fun.

Son: Yeah, judging by Dad, it’s not true.


8. I gave a stray cat some food. Then a small girl ran to the bowl and threw some sand into it. I asked her, “Why did you spoil the food? You don’t eat sand!” The girl, being awfully cool, ate some sand from her other hand. I had no more questions.

9. I had a fight with my younger brother. He is 5, and I’m 19. He went to Mom to complain and to ask her to punish me. After that, he came back and told me that I would be punished. I asked, “How?” He said, “Mom will make you sleep until lunch tomorrow!” Thanks, Mom.


10. When I was about 6 years old, I found out that a normal pregnancy is 9 months long. I counted the time from my parents’ wedding day to my birthday. It was 7 months. I asked my mom many times if I was a premature baby. I didn’t know the actual reason back then.


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