11-month-old girl recovered safely after South Los Angeles kidnapping

OUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) — LAPD officers found and safely recovered an 11-month-old girl who was reported kidnapped from her South Los Angeles home Sunday night.

The 39-year-old homeless man suspected in her kidnapping was also taken into custody.

The baby, identified as Heather, was found in downtown Los Angeles near 52nd Street and Broadway Monday afternoon.

Police say two women had been taking care of the child overnight to help the man they thought was her father, not realizing the child had been kidnapped from her parents.
The child was taken Sunday around 6 p.m. from her home in the 8100 block of Western Avenue, and was reported missing Monday morning, the LAPD says.

The girl was identified as Heather.

The suspect has been identified as Delaneo Adams, 39.

He is described as a local homeless man known to the family, but he is not related to the girl or her parents.

He was at the home Sunday night and took the baby.

“He came into the home,” said LAPD Det. Liliana Preciado. “He is known to the parents. When one of the parents was out of the home and the other one was distracted, he took the baby.”

Later Sunday night two women encountered Adams with the baby outside a downtown apartment building, police said. He told them he was going to sleep on the street and they offered to take care of the child for him.

“It was late in the evening. The women were just in shock and trying to help somebody they thought was down on their luck,” Preciado said.

He handed the child over and said he would come back for her the next day.

But the next day the women saw media reports about the kidnapping and contacted police.

Heather was believed to be in good condition but she was being examined at a local hospital.

The suspect was also said to be at a local hospital.

Police also say the baby’s parents were taken into custody for child endangerment.

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