Your Husband Is Still Madly In Love With You If He Does These Things

We all love our hubbys. They work hard, sacrifice and always make providing for the family a priority. They also know exactly how to adore us, in their own way. We just need to keep an eye out for the signs.

With all the long hours we put into making our marriage, home and life as happy as possible, it’s difficult to stop and look for tiny signs of your husband’s love and support. But if you do just that, you’ll feel the tender love your husband has for you. Here’s what to look for:

1. He does the chores that he knows you hate.

He knows that there are certain chores that you hate doing and so he offers to do them for you. This means that he’s still someone who is going to make a real effort to make your life as easy as possible. He genuinely cares about creating a comfortable life for you.

2. He brags to his friends

When that guy’s night rolls around, your husband takes it as the perfect opportunity to tell his buddies how hard you work as a wife and mother. He goes on and on about how much he appreciates what you do and cherishes your love. Talking a little with his best friend will give you some hints on how much your man adores you.

3. He expresses more and more interest in you.

Even if you’ve been together for so long now, he never stops trying to get to know you better. He is still always trying to establish a deeper and deeper connection with you. He is still always trying to let you know that he is never going to grow tired of exploring your soul.

4. He’s protective

He’s not jealous, but he is very protective over you. Your husband seeks to make you feel safe and comfortable. A man who adores his wife will never cease to always want to protect her.

5. He makes an effort to plan a date night.

Despite the fact that you’re now married and you spend so much time together, he still understands the importance of date night. He knows that dates are opportunities for the two of you to get intimate and share close moments together. That’s why he still goes out of his way to make nice plans for dates.

6. He compliments you

You’re beautiful and your husband will recognize that. In one way or another, he will remind you that he understands how lucky he is to have a wife so endearing and full of beauty. Men are simple: if he sees that his wife is beautiful, he will say so.

7. He admits he is wrong

This is a big one. No one really loves to admit when they are wrong about something. Both men and women are guilty of this. But the man who admits he is wrong (even if he is not) really, truly and deeply adores you. Not just any person will do this, so if this describes your husband, you married yourself a winner.

8. He makes an effort to spice things up in the bedroom.

He understands the importance of physical intimacy in a relationship. And that’s why he doesn’t really shy away from trying to spice things up in the bedroom with you. He is really going to want to get $exually intimate with you even if you’re both getting older together.

9. He sacrifices for you

Look, if you have a man who will go shopping with you and sincerely gives his opinion about how you look in that dress then don’t torture him by going into every single store. It’s a big deal that he went shopping with you in the first place, if at all! If he does things for you just because you like it then that means he is 100% your number one fan; show him some love in return by respecting his sacrifice.

10. He continuously talks about the future with you.

He still sees a future with you. He still genuinely believes that the two of you have a future together. He still makes an effort to preserve the longevity of your relationship. He really still tries to make plans with you. And he always includes you in the planning process as well.

11. He tells you that he loves you.

And lastly, he still tells you that he loves you. Whenever he gets an opportunity to do so, he still tells you that his love for you is real. He makes a verbal affirmation of the love that he has for you so that you won’t ever have to doubt it.


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