Your Favorite Sleeping Position Says All the Truth About Your Personality

You might not pay much attention to the way you sleep, but according to experts, your sleeping position says a lot about your personality.

Match the way in which you usually sleep to the picture below and find out what it reveals about you.

Sleep Position 1

You lie on your back with both arms down by your sides. It’s another not-so-popular position with only 11% of Americans preferring to sleep this way, although sleep lab studies show that most people (over 62%) actually start out laying on their backs, before ending up in other positions.

Personality traits:

Quiet and reserved. Soldiers may hold both themselves and other people to high standards.

Sleep Position 2

You lie on your back with both arms up by your pillow. Men are more likely to sleep in the Starfish position than women.

Personality traits:

Starfish sleepers tend to be selfless, giving people, always ready to lend a helping hand or listening ear.

Sleep Position 3

You lie on your side with your knees bent towards your chest, curled up like a baby. This is the most common sleeping position among Americans (47%)—and it’s more common with women than men.

Personality traits:

Sensitive at heart, people who report sleeping in the fetal position may show traits of shyness and introversion.

Sleep Position 4

You lie on your stomach with your hands up by your pillow and your head turned to the side, like a skydiver. This position, also known as the prone position, seems to be more common with Gen Xers and millennials, according to recent research by the BSC.

Personality traits:

Some say free fallers don’t take criticism well and tend to be brash, bold, and outspoken in nature.

Sleep Position 5

You lie on your side with both arms stretched out in front of you. Boomers are more likely to sleep this way than millennials and Gen Xers.

Personality traits:

Open-minded, complex, and cynical. Some sources say yearners can be slow in making decisions but are resolute once their minds are made up.

Sleep Position 6

You lie on your side with both arms straight down. If that sounds uncomfy, the stats would agree: Only about 6% of Americans report sleeping like a log.

Personality traits:

Easy going, social, and trusting of others. Log sleepers are also more likely to consider themselves to be healthy.

What’s your favorite sleeping position? Check out to see if it is true for your personality?


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