Your Body Will W.a.r.n You 8 Times Before You Get A Heart Attack

Are you sure that your lifestyle is healthy enough to stave off a heart attack?

Here is a list of risk factors for heart attacks: smoking, unhealthy diet and obesity, lack of exercise, alcohol use, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

If you are an average American, or an average world citizen for that matter, you probably sport one or more of these risk factors.

Why so many of us insist on neglecting out health and risking our lives unnecessarily remains a mystery, but fortunately, the internet is a treasure chest of useful information that can save our lives if we don’t care too much to live more sensibly.

Here are some not to be ignored symptoms that may befall a month or so before a heart attack.

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1. Fatigue

Infrequent fatigue is one of the key symptoms, which indicate a forthcoming heart attack. Females are more prone to report this kind of indication than men.

Description: Mental or physical exertion is not really the cause for the fatigue, and it is elevated by the end of the day. It is a symptom that is somewhat very clear and cannot go undetected: at times it’s grueling to perform even a simple task, like taking a shower or making a bed.

2. Insomnia

Insomnia is too linked with a better risk of a stroke or a heart attack, which is more usual among women. Insomnia characters often comprise a high level of forgetfulness and anxiety.

Description: The symptoms comprise trouble-initiating sleep, trouble maintaining sleep, and waking up early in the morning, feeling restless and nauseous.

3. Abdominal pain

Stomachaches, feeling bloated, full/empty stomach nausea, or a distressed stomach, are some of the most usual symptoms. They are equally possible to strike amongst men and women.

Description: Stomachaches beforehand a heart attack has a serialized nature, lessening and then recurring for short period of time. Physical strain may also aggravate the upsetting stomach pains.

4. Shortness of breath

Breathlessness or Dyspnea is a sturdy feeling of being incapable to draw a deep breath. Often times it occurs among both women and men for up to six months before having a heart attack. That is typically a warning indication of some medical condition.

Description: Feeling like you simply can’t get enough air, lightheadedness, feel like trembling and having shortness of breath.

5. Irregular heartbeat

Arrhythmias or missed beats are frequently escorted by anxiety and a panic attack, specifically among women. It happens unpredictably and divulges itself differently: arrhythmia – Irregular heartbeat or tachycardia – Increased heart rate. Physical trainings may give an extra spur to the increase in heart rate, mainly in instances with atherosclerosis disease.

Description: The irregular heartbeat persists for one to two minutes. If it is not fading away, you may feel dizzy and extremely fatigued. You need to call for help and also your doctor immediately.

6. Hair loss

Hair fall is well thought out to be simply another observable indicator of the risk of having a heart disease. Very commonly it affects men over the age of fifty, but some women might as well be in the risk set. Baldheadedness is also related with an elevated level of the hormone cortisol.

Description: Be cautious of losing hair from the top of your head.

7. Excessive sweat

Excessive or abnormal sweating is an initial cautioning indication of a heart attack. That might befall at any time without caring if it’s night or daytime. This indication affects women more likely and is commonly confused with the night sweats or hot flashes that are quite normal in menopause.

Description: Symptoms like flu, sweaty skin, or stickiness happening irrespective of the physical exertion or air temperature. Perspiring appears to be farther excessive at night; the bed sheets may be all wet with the sweat by the time you wake up in the morning.

8. Chest pain

Women and men both experience chest pains in distinctive amounts and forms. Amongst men, this indication suggests to the most significant early signs of a forthcoming heart attack, which shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. Where, it merely affects thirty-percent of the women.

Description: Chest pain is capable to grow to an uncomfortable sensation in one or both arms but more likely in the left one, neck, the lower jaw, shoulders, or even stomach. It might have a everlasting or short-term character.

Risk factors

Well we all are quite aware about the most usual risking factors such as, lack of physical activity, obesity, and smoking. But still there are a few factors, which go completely, unnoticed and should be considered important to help you maintain good health and be aware about preventing a heart attack.

Presence of (Earlobe Crease) that is transversely lying from the (Ear Canal)
(Yellow patches) on the inside of the corners of the eyelids
Light tenderness in the calf muscles caused on by walking
Hair growth in the ear canal (Amongst Men)


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