Young Woman With Down Syndrome Becomes Model, Motivational Speaker

Defying All Odds: Young Woman With Down Syndrome Becomes Model, Motivational Speaker

While Kennedy is the true epitome of a role model now, her life was not always so glamorous. According to Metro, Kennedy Garcia’s mother Renee was distraught when doctors told her the newborn wouldn’t have any quality of life, would still be in nappies into adulthood and would be better off in a specialist institution.

One medic even suggested she ‘just give her up for adoption.’ Renee, from Colorado Springs in Colorado, kicked them all out of her hospital room and refused to give up on her child.

The beginning was rough for Kennedy, like many other people that suffer from Down syndrome. She spent a lot of time in the hospital, but with the help of doctors, her family, and her own free will and positive attitude, she got through it all.

And 15 years later Kennedy has defied their gloomy predictions in spectacular style.

The youngster recently attended homecoming prom with her devoted boyfriend Matthew, has competed in state-wide dance competitions and models for top brands across the US.

Kennedy, who has modeled for American Girl, Justice Clothing and recently appeared on a nation-wide US census television advert first began dancing aged five. She was only able to do so after dangerous surgery to stabilize her neck and spine was a success.

Kennedy, whose dad Frank works in security abroad, spent six months in a halo – a metal frame screwed into her skull – to keep her neck immobilized.

Renee has even turned the family dining room into a dance studio and says Kennedy is always in there, music blaring, and practicing her routines.

Now, Kennedy is signed with KMR Diversity and Dream Talent Management agency. She regularly flies from her home in Colorado Springs to Hollywood and New York to audition and take part in modelling jobs and works as an extra on TV shows.

It’s evident that Kennedy is a true inspiration to others, and talks to students about how easy it should be to make friends with people from all walks of life. Renee added, “People with Down syndrome or other disabilities are just like the rest of us. And I think that’s what Kennedy strives to show every day on her Instagram account. That she’s a pretty typical teen… and if people gave her a chance, they’d find out that she’s a pretty great friend and a lot of fun!”


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