You have been washing your hair wrong your entire life. Here’s how you should actually do it!

As one of the defining characteristics for each individual, hair is the one that most people want to be strong, healthy and beautiful. However, it is not always the case. Dandruff, dry or oily hair can be very frustrating.

After you shampoo your hair, it usually looks soft and beautiful but it is only temporary. Washing your hair the right way is very important if you want to make it healthy, strong and to prolong the beautiful look.

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Mistake 1 – You wait as much as you can between washes

You ought to wash your hair whenever you feel the need. Whether it is once a week during the winter or every day during the summer it is all up to you.

Mistake 2 – You shampoo with every wash

Don’t use shampoo each time if you shower every day. Instead try skipping it from time to time in order to prevent your scalp from becoming dry.

Mistake 3 – You scrub your scalp

While you are washing your hair, you should gently massage your scalp with your fingers without scrubbing. This way you will not damage your hair and you will prevent breakage.

Mistake 4 – Hot showers

Although hot showers may feel great on your skin, they are not as good for the hair and scalp as it dries them. You should rinse your hair with cold or lukewarm water.

Mistake 5 – You use too many shampoos

Instead of buying a different shampoo each time you go shopping try using just one brand. The hair is more comfortable with just one type of shampoo.

Mistake 6 – Pouring shampoo

Too much shampoo is also not recommended due to the fact that it strips the natural oils from your skin. Use only the amount you actually need.

Mistake 7 – Towel drying

Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel pat, dry it gently in order to prevent breakage.

Mistake 8 – Brushing

You should avoid brushing your hair when it is wet because this is when it is the most fragile.

Mistake 9 – Always shampooing your scalp

You should not always apply shampoo directly on your scalp. Nevertheless, when you do, start with the nape of your neck.

Mistake 10 – You don’t soak your hair

Always make sure your hair is completely soaked before you apply shampoo.

Mistake 11 – Shampooing the whole head

Shampoo should be applied on the hair roots and conditioner at the ends.


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