Wow! Woman packs 2 weeks of clothes in a small bag. Her sneaky method is absolutely genius!

Women are known to over-pack while men are known to under-pack. However, now everyone can bring exactly what they need (and more) without taking up a crazy amount of luggage space. The following helpful travel technique allows you to fit two weeks of clothes into one regular carry-on bag!

– First you’ll need to lay out all of your long-sleeved shirts, with the arms stretched out flat on a bed or desk.

– Next, place them one on top of each other, facing out like you see in the video tutorial below.

– Then lay the short-sleeved shirts on top of the long-sleeved, followed by pants, shirts and any delicates and toiletries you may want to bring on your trip!

– Now you can begin to wrap the pant legs and shirt sleeves around the pile of socks, underwear and toiletries in the center.

– You’ll slowly see a small rectangle-type shape start to take form.

– When the last shirt is wrapped and tucked into itself tightly, slip the big ball of clothes into your suitcase and call the cab.

It’s time to head out to your much-needed vacation!



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