Women Can’t Resist These 10+ Adorable Things About Men. Men Probably Don’t Know This

Every individual has their own special things that turn them on. Men don’t express as vigorously as women and aren’t very open either. But there are some body parts and traits in men that women just cannot ignore.

Let’s check out some of the surprising things about men that women find attractive and are hard for them to resist!


Lips are the foremost thing we women notice in a man. And when they have soft and pink lips it’s a like cherry on the chocolate cake. After all, it means there’s a lot more to the kiss.

2. Veiny Forearms

Muscularity is only achieved with regular exercise and reduction of subcutaneous fat, which means men with these forearms are physically strong and very muscular. So go and hit the gym, guys because it not only means good health but it also looks sexy.

3. Beard

Most women like men who are clean shaved but there’s something about unkept facial hair that makes them look hotter. Perhaps it’s the “too tired to care” attitude that comes along with it.

4. Scars

Scars make men appear more badass and mysterious at the same time. It makes a man look more masculine, rugged, exciting, and hot.

5. Thick Eyebrows

Nice thick eyebrows are a great turn on for women. It does a good job at showing off the eyes.

6. Glasses

We always thought that glasses make us look nerdy and ugly but as adults, we realize it actually makes guys look sexy.

7. Nice Socks

It sounds a bit irrelevant, but a nice pair of socks can go a long way. It’s aesthetically pleasing and is a small sign that he cares.

8. His Scent

We all love to smell good but women absolutely love their man’s natural scent mixed with his good smelling cologne. Maybe this is the reason we love to wear our man’s shirt so we can smell them all day long.

9. Shyness

We, women, love when a man is a bit shy around us. Confidence is considered s.e.x.y but a little shyness is also attractive.

10. When They Cook

Good food is an aphrodisiac, so a man who can cook will turn on a woman in more ways than one.

11. When They’re Sweaty

A man sweating isn’t always hot. But when it is, it’s super sexy. Remember when Mario Lopez had to change his shirt at the Emmys?

12. Clenched Jawline

A defined jawline is already incredibly attractive on a guy. But when he clenches his muscles, it is hard to resist and we wouldn’t mind getting them mad just to see that clenched jawline.

13. Jealousy

A little bit of jealousy and possessiveness can be a turn on. Remember, only a little!

14. Blushing

When guys blush after a hug or a kiss, it comes off super sweet and it’s a great turn on for us women.

15. He Loves Animals

Taking care of animals means a lot of work. You need to take care of them and when you own one, it’s a plus point.

Source: theemergingindia.com

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