Woman Discovers Ex-Fiancee was C-h-e-a-t-i-n-g on Her, Sells His Family Heirloom to Cover Wedding Cancellation Costs

C-h-e-a-t-i-n-g is one of the most emotionally-traumatizing things one can go through in a relationship. More often than not, finding out that the love of your life was disloyal to you causes a whirlwind of emotions and an aching heart. And it’s especially difficult when it leaves you with a canceled wedding and a considerable amount of debt.

One woman who goes by the username ISoldAFamilyHeirloom took her story to Reddit, confessing she found out that her fiancé was having an a-f-f-a-i-r just a few weeks before their wedding. But the wedding arrangements had already been made – amounting upwards of $20,000, most of which was non-refundable. The distraught woman tried to talk to her ex-fiancee about it, but he wasn’t being supportive or helpful with her finances. So she decided to sell his family heirloom that he had gifted her before the wedding. The woman turned to the AITA community to ask if she was in the wrong for selling her ex’s great-grandmother’s ring—a family heirloom—to cover the costs of their canceled wedding. Here’s the full story.

“I (27F) was supposed to get married to my ex-fiance ‘Mason’ (29M) on the 20th of this month. But last week a mutual friend caught him c-h-e-a-t-i-n-g on his ex ‘Kim’ so I called it off. Because it’s so close to our wedding date, I had already booked everything like the venue, catering and everything else. I barely managed to get any money back as it’s mostly non-refundable so in total I’ve lost $20,000.

Last year I took out a loan to cover the costs of the wedding, the longer I take to repay it the more interest it gets. When we first got engaged, Mason agreed to sharing our finances together, meaning had we got married I would’ve been able to pay it off. This was supposed to be in our prenup but because we didn’t get married, it meant he no longer had to share finances.

I asked him if he was still willing to help and told him that I will go into debt if he doesn’t as I can’t repay it alone. He told me ”It isn’t my problem you took out a loan you can’t pay back” and stopped responding after that. When we got engaged, Mason proposed to me with a family heirloom ring belonging to his great grandmother that was worth $25,000. When we canceled the wedding, he told me he wanted the ring back but we never got around to arranging a time he could pick it up.

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Because I don’t want to go into debt, I told him that if he didn’t agree to help pay it off (I wanted a lawyer involved) that I would sell the ring. He didn’t reply and ignored the messages however after talking to a mutual friend (Jake) I found out he had actually read the messages and told everyone he didn’t care because I ”wouldn’t do it”. I asked Jake to tell Mason that if I don’t get a message from him in the next 24 hours that I would sell the ring.

Jake told me he again said he didn’t care and didn’t think I would do it. So the next day I sold the ring to an online website and messaged Mason to tell him it had been done and told him he shouldn’t have underestimated me. He started cussing me out, saying I didn’t scare him and that he would be around for the ring later. True to his word, he came to my house demanding the ring and I told him I sold it already and showed him the proof.

He blew up at me, saying I was a petty bitch and that I shouldn’t have sold it because it wasn’t just a ring, it was an heirloom that meant a lot to his family. A lot of my family members think I overreacted and shouldn’t have gone to extreme measures as it will be hard for him to get the ring back, if he even can at all.

AITA for selling his great grandmothers ring?”

What are your thoughts on this story? Did she do the right thing or not? S-h-a-r-e your comments with us below!

Source: Reddit

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