With 16 hangers woman makes beautiful snowflake decoration

The holiday season is the best time of year for decorating your home. But who said it has to cost an arm and a leg?

Believe it or not, you can create the coolest-looking giant snowflakes to hang on the outside of your house -simply using plastic hangers. No, seriously.

What’s fantastic about these decorations is that they’re both easy-to-make and turn out gorgeous.

Get ready for your neighbors to be passing compliments when they walk by (hopefully some cookies too).

Jeanne Cherry at juNxtaposition knows a thing or two about upcycling items and giving them a new beautiful life.

While you might not normally look at a plastic hanger and think ‘Christmas‘ – thanks to her video, you will now!

Here’s what you’ll need:

16 Plastic Hangers (per snowflake)
Bag of Zip-Ties

When it comes to what type of plastic hangers to use, feel free to choose any style or size you like!

It’s up to you whether you want the ones with the extra mini-hooks, or perhaps baby hangers for a smaller snowflake (just pick 16 that are the same).

First, you’re going to piece together your snowflake. You’ll need an open area like a floor or a large table.

Start by laying two hangers down with their bottoms lined up. Now, you’re going to do the same with another pair.

When you lay it down, it’s going to look like the photo below (you’ll see how one hook from each pair is touching).

Continue this pattern using a total of 4 pairs, 8 hangers.

Jeanne does point out that you can customize your pattern, reminding us that “…no two snowflakes are alike.” But this is the way she creates hers.

Again, the photo below will give you a better idea of how it should look.

Next, you’re going to make another layer of hangers.

You’ll once again be placing two hangers together at their bottoms.

However, this time, lay the pair so the bottom line crosses through a pair of hooks from the lower layer. Check out the photo for a visual of how it should be done!

Continue creating the new layer until you’ve used 4 pairs, 8 hangers.

See, doesn’t it look just like a snowflake?

Now it’s time for the zip-ties.

Jeanne makes it clear that you don’t want to put the zip-ties on too tight at first.

You may want to do some adjusting, so start by putting them on with a bit of wiggle room.

In the video, she zip-ties two bottoms from the lower layer and two hooks from the top, all together.

For the next one, she zip-ties the section similarly, only she does it with the bottoms on top, and the hooks underneath.

Do this going all the way around your snowflake (alternating) until each of the outer sections is connected.

Move on to the inner-circle.

Once again you’ll zip-tie the hangers in groups of fours (still not too tight). After the inner-circle is all connected as well, look closely at your snowflake and make any adjustments needed.

After you’re happy with how it looks – pull the zip-ties tight and cut the ends off.

Remember, they’re completely customizable!

Before you hang your snowflake, keep in mind you can decorate it any way you please (or keep them plain like Jeanne).

You can spray-paint them, add glitter, or whatever your heart desires.

Finally, hang up your new decoration, stand and admire! Don’t they look really neat and festive?

Watch the video below for the whole step-by-step demonstration. Hopefully, it inspires you to get crafty this holiday season!

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