Why Your Partner Feels Jealous Of Your ‘Girl’Friends?

Why Your Partner Feels Jealous Of Your ‘Girl’Friends?

1. You don’t give her the attention she wants

The main problem here is lack of time and attention. Your wife gets jealous when you both don’t have enough time together. She needs your love and attention, give her that. So, take a break from your friends (especially, girl friends) and focus on nurturing your relationship.

2. You argue

You argue or question her and she doesn’t feel comfortable. Instead, talk to her patiently and ask her about her insecurities. Make her feel comfortable and then discuss the problems she is encountering.

3. Doubt your loyalty to her

Doubt can ruin everything. Don’t let a stupid doubt destroy the foundation of your love. If you are loyal, prove your loyalty to her so that she will never have doubts again.

5. Lack of quality time together frequently

More than anything else, the time you spend with each other is important. Do it often to flourish your relationship.

6. Talk about the past

Keep bitter memories of the past at bay and never let them have a place in your present, especially when the past is upsetting.

7. Insecurity

Assure her that you are loyal to her and really want to spend your life with her. This would definitely be better for the situation.

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